The Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center
BMPAC Offers a Variety of Programs
Harmony Classes for children
 An after-school class offering instruments, music lessons, group playing, concert performances, progress and check-ins, field trips, family support and college scholarships. The Los Angeles Harmony project services 2000 students across an area of 120 sq. miles. Youths meet three times a week. BMPAC adds vocal instruction, theatre arts, and mentoring programs for all age levels.
Open Showcases This monthly event features music and spoken word at the BMPAC, with a different theme for each month throughout the year. The calendar includes special showcases for individual instruments, vocal styling, and poetry.
Vocal Workshop and Classes Conducted personally by Barbara Morrison, a UCLA associate professor of music, these classes teach how to: Sing jazz standards in various tempos, including ballads, medium swing, fast swing, and bossa nova; Improve your stage presence and use of microphone; Identify your vocal range most comfortable for singing jazz; Distinguish characteristics of early blues singers and their influence on jazz; Apply good breath management and tone while singing in a jazz style; Strengthen your articulation of song lyrics; Use vocal inflections and dynamics appropriately; Alter the melodic and rhythmic phrasing in a song; 9) better hear chord changes within a song; Identify song forms common in jazz; Sing introductions and endings effectively.
Acting classes Taught by local Los Angeles industry professionals, students develop a basic understanding of acting fundamentals. Using exercises and scene work, the class introduces students to the elements of dramatic action, text analysis, and character development, as well as the tools for releasing inhibitions and expanding vocal and physical range. Songwriters Workshop Our interest is helping artist build a strong foundation around their craft. We will invite various songwriters to assist our instructors to coach a thorough songwriting workshop. Join us, and work with a group of professionals and other musicians in writing your hit songs.


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