The Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center
Our Mission, Vision and Values Vision Statement The Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center embodies the belief that the arts hold transformative potential. The Center elevates the social culture of our community, empowering citizens to bridge borders through participation, intellectual exploration and leadership development of the arts. Widely renowned for excellence in collaborative programming, the Center presents innovative, relevant and diverse cultural experiences that both reflect and expand the community's interests. Mission Statement The mission of the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center is to make visual and performing arts available to the entire Crenshaw Corridor population; to become a creative force and an educational resource for the community; and to harness the economic vitality of the arts. Values Statement Treasuring our customers and each other is the responsibility of everyone associated with the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center. Our core values drive our constant pursuit of institutional excellence. Our Core Values Communication - Communicate in a positive, honest and productive manner within the organization and with our public. Gratitude - Infuse a culture of gratitude throughout our organization and to all who might contribute to our success. Diversity - Promote inclusiveness and impartiality in programming and services offered to the community, and within our organization. Innovation - Implement unique, creative and cost-effective solutions that advance our service to the community. Integrity - Adhere to the highest standards of ethics, stewardship and public trust, internally and externally. Personal Responsibility - Become part of the solution by assuming personal responsibility for organizational effectiveness. Take initiative to achieve results and accept accountability. Respect - Demonstrate a high regard for others and value the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. Teamwork - Promote high performance through cooperative efforts, open communication, collective action and trust. Celebrate the contributions made from all levels and partners of the organization.


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